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Longing to turn back the hands of time and recapture a more youthful, athletic appearance? Liposuction, tummy tucks and abdominoplasty make it possible ... and most people who choose plastic surgery love the beautiful results. But if a surgery doesn't have the desired results, patients may despair. At Timeless Plastic Surgery, Dr. Peter Chang's experience in revision surgery and his personal approach to patient care make him the perfect surgeon to give you another chance at happiness.

Houston Plastic Surgery: Testimonial

One patient who previously had plastic surgery decided on a minor cosmetic procedure. She chose another doctor with plenty of references, pictures and a bargain price. She says, "This doctor talked only to me and ignored my husband completely. He talked me into extra procedures, including re-doing my breasts. After the first surgery with him, my breasts became infected and I required a painful skin graft. I had extensive scarring, and I was so unhappy ... I didn't know where to go or who ask. I saw Dr. Chang in a magazine and then again on TV. Hopeful again, I immediately made an appointment to talk with him."

How to choose a Houston Plastic Surgeon:

When choosing a doctor, trust your instincts and the opinions of your family. Dr. Chang's patient says, "Visiting Timeless Plastic Surgery was a wonderful experience... they were everything a doctor should be. Since I'd already had three previous surgeries, they told me we wouldn't do a thing until yhey had all the necessary information to give me the best procedure in the safest manner. They asked me to get several tests to be sure I was physically ready. They called my husband personally to go over every detail, so he'd know what to expect and how to care for me afterwards. When I brought my niece with me for my initial visit,Timeless Plastic Surgery answered every one of her questions... and she had quite a few!"

Houston Plastic Surgeon: Testimonial:

Rome wasn't built in a day, and Timeless Plastic Surgery won't compromise your safety for any price ... but they will deliver amazing results! Their patient says, "Timeless Plastic Surgery told me we'd take it one step at a time and stage the revision procedures. First they replaced my implants and reshaped my breasts, now I'm looking forward to going back to have my scars from the other surgeon removed. Timeless Plastic Surgery's work barely left a scar at all. I've been so impressed with the care and concern he and his whole staff display. They called me after the surgery to follow-up and make sure I took care of myself. Their honesty and compassion shine through in everything they do. I'd recommend him to absolutely everyone."

Houston Plastic Surgeon: Timeless Plastic Surgery

Have you ever heard of a doctor giving out his private cell phone number? At Timeless Plastic Surgery they do... and they encourage their patients to use it. They say, "We've never believed that caring for a patient stops once surgery is done. When you choose is as your surgery, we're your doctor for life. The beautiful results we deliver are part of our patients' lives forever, so our patients become a part of ours. As your surgeon, you will receive the respect and personal attention you deserve." Some of our previous patients have brought their husbands and daughters to see him. Now that's a recommendation!

Houston plastic surgeon: Timeless Plastic Surgery has created a center of excellence for cosmetic surgery at the state-of-the-art Timeless Plastic Surgery Center. Our surgeon's extensive education and training in facial and body reconstruction give them lots of experience in surgical revision. They say, "We understand how disappointing and frightening it can be when surgical results are not satisfactory. Undergoing another surgery to correct the first one causes emotional and physical trauma. We believe every patient deserves to feel proud of their body and we enjoy helping them bring their beauty back to light."

It's never too late for a second chance... because finding the RIGHT Houston Plastic Surgeon... is priceless!

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