Eyelid Surgery Houston

Many people say that the eyes are the window to your soul. The eyes are where people look during a conversation, during introductions, and in anyone-on-one interaction. First impressions do count and if you are constantly looking tired, sad, or have heavy bags beneath the eyes, you will not give the same impression as looking alert, rested, and interested in what is being said, or pleased to meet another person.

Eyelid Surgery Houston

Eye lid surgery can help you achieve a more alert, brighter, and rested appearance. Although most people have eye lid surgery to correct problems due to aging, many people in their twenty's or thirty's have surgery to correct inherited conditions, a good example is our Asian eyelid surgery procedure. Eyelid surgery Houston can also be used to correct excessive skin in the upper folds of the eyelid, loose skin hangs from the upper eyelid, impaired vision due to excessive skin or fat around the eyes, bags and dark circles under the eyes, or your lower eyelids droop, showing white below the irises.

During the evaluation process, one of our surgeons will examine you thoroughly, providing you with full information concerning anticipated results and expectations. Our Houston plastic surgeons specialize in eyelid surgery and will give you perfect windows to your soul.

Questions About Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Surgery Houston?

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Eyelid Surgery Houston
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