Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine Peter Chang, M.D.


Dr. Peter Chang was recently mentioned in Cosmo magazine as the "most outstanding plastic surgeon" in the Texas.

Cosmopolitan is the best selling magazine in its category, published in 34 languages and distributed in over 100 countries, serving as the lifestyle guide for millions of fun, fearless women who want the best they can be in every area of their lives. Cosmo inspires the best in fashion and beauty and the latest on women's health and well-being.

Several images of Dr Chang's patients are displayed in the feature, showing before and after pictures, and the real-life results obtained by his patients. Dr Chang is one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the Houston area and the results displayed in the feature definitely show the results of his surgical artistry. The Cosmopolitan feature will be in magazines read by millions of Cosmopolitan fans, allowing them to become familiar with Dr Chang's skills in plastic surgery.

Dr Chang has been featured on TV and magazines in the past but, being featured in Cosmo is considered a major step in becoming the plastic surgeon of choice in the greater Houston metroplex.

To read the Cosmo feature on Dr Chang, just pick up the latest edition..



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Cosmopolitan Magazine Peter Chang
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