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Breast Revision

Breast surgery, whether it is breast augmentation, lift, or reduction, is a very positive and life-changing experience for the vast majority of patients. In some cases though, a patient may not be happy with her implant choice or breast shape and want to change it. In other cases, complications may occur, such as implant malposition (unnatural-looking position), implant rupture, bottoming out, rippling, and capsular contracture (internal scar tissue forming around the implant that constricts is). It is also possible for the once flattering appearance of implanted breasts to change over time due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations. These are all valid reasons why a patient may feel dissatisfied with her appearance and require breast revision surgery.

Timeless Plastic Surgery has experienced and skilled breast revision surgeons who can correct all of these issues. Our expertise stems from performing numerous successful breast surgeries and also from revising work done by other doctors elsewhere. We evaluate each patient to determine if she is a good candidate for breast revision surgery, discuss any concerns regarding the previous surgery, and understand the goals and expectations of the new revision surgery. We offer each patient the best surgical approach possible in order to give her the beautiful, natural-looking breasts she desires.

Questions about Breast Revision Surgery?

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