Breast Augmentation Houston

Timeless Plastic Surgery performs breast augmentation Houston, Sugar Land and other areas of Fort Bend County.

Breast augmentation adds size and volume to the breasts. At the spacious 8,000 square foot surgery just south of Houston in Sugar Land, Texas, Dr. Timeless Plastic Surgery can perform breast augmentation surgery on a woman of any age after her breasts are fully developed. However, all patients are interviewed by Timeless Plastic Surgery's surgeons prior to surgery. During the interview the surgeon will perform an interview to ensure his patient is having breast augmentation only to please herself, is emotionally mature, and has realistic goals.

Breast augmentation is popular with women who want to enhance their appearance either because they have small breasts, or because after breast-feeding, their breasts have become stretched and empty: often referred to as “droopy.” Although breast augmentation will not in itself make any woman more self-confident, having a shapely figure normally makes her have a different outlook on life, making her feel more feminine. Other women have reported that they now enjoy going out to buy new clothes, and going to the beach more often!

Implants filled with a saline solution are inserted into the breasts to give fullness and in some cases, lift. The surgeon will explain the procedure and will describe what can be expected after surgery. He will also discuss the available insertion points and will recommend the best method for each patient. Timeless Plastic Surgery has a great deal of experience in these procedures and he will make his recommendations based upon the size and shape of the breasts and other factors. During the examination, it is important to discuss expectations and the goals you wish to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Houston:

Is a Breast Augmentation Operation Safe?
Although there are risks involved with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation surgery is one of the safest procedures performed in cosmetic surgery. The surgery in Sugar Land is a fully equipped operating theater with the facilities and trained staff available to handle any potential emergency. Dr Timeless Plastic Surgery has experienced surgeons with many years of experience. Indeed, they are some of the most qualified plastic surgeons in Houston.

Will There Be Any Complications Associated With The Surgery?
As with any surgical procedure there is a risk of infection, reaction to the anesthesia, etc. Another potential risk is the possibility of the breasts firming due to a capsular contracture forming around the implant. Sometimes this firmness can be severe enough to warrant surgical correction.

What Happens After Surgery?
Each person’s reaction to surgery is different. After the affects of the anesthetic have worn off, depending upon your individual response, you may feel discomfort and soreness for a few days. A good brassiere is recommended, and Timeless Plastic Surgery may provide you with a list of exercises to help your body adapt and heal. You should be almost back to normal activities after a week, and enjoy a full lifestyle within three weeks.

Can Breast Implants Cause Cancer?
There have been no reported cases of breast cancer caused by breast implants. Breast implants do not affect cancer detection, and normal self-examination should be carried out each month.

Are Breast Implants Safe?
Breast implants are filled with a sterile saline solution and in the unlikely event of a rupture, the saline solution will not harm the body.

Will Breast Augmentation Surgery Leave a Scar?
Timeless Plastic Surgery's experienced plastic surgeons and will recommend the best place to make the required incisions to minimize the appearance of any scarring. This can be done in the natural crease of the underarm, under the fold of the breast, or in the nipple area. Each case is different and we will advise you during the examination.

Can I Breast Feed after Breast Augmentation?
Yes. In some cases, breast augmentation has been found to make it easier to breast feed.

Breast Revision Houston:

If you have undergone breast surgery and are not happy with the results, Timeless Plastic Surgery specializes in breast revision surgery. After a thorough examination, he will provide advice necessary to help you determine whether breast revision surgery is right for you. Our surgeons are some of the most qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Houston. You can depend upon us providing the best possible solution to your problem.

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Breast Augmentation Houston

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