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Breast Augmentation (Mammaplasty)

There has been more discussion and hype about breast augmentation than any other medical procedure on the planet. But all kidding aside, we have seen our patients gain confidence and a new outlook on life after breast augmentation.

Also known as “mammaplasty,” breast augmentation can be performed to:

  • Restore breast size and shape after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss
  • Enhance overall body shape or breast size
  • Replace breast tissue lost from surgery or physical abnormality
  • Create a more natural contour after breast disfigurement
  • Correct asymmetry

When you come to Timeless Plastic Surgery for a consultation, your surgeon will fully discuss your expectations for the procedure, evaluate your medical history, determine your level of fitness, and examine your breasts to give you a thorough analysis. Your surgeon will also let you feel the different types of implants (saline and silicone) and show you many before and after photographs. We will also give you pre-surgery instructions and make sure you have available transportation to go home after the outpatient procedure.

Questions about Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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