Arm Lift Surgery Houston:

Arm lift surgery reduces loose and sagging skin that occurs due to weight loss, liposuction, or aging. When the volume of the upper arms decreases, loose skin becomes noticeable. The only way to improve the appearance of the upper arm in these cases is to remove excess skin by means of an "arm lift" procedure, or brachioplasty.

Arm Lift Surgery Houston - Post operation:

As in any surgical procedure, some discomfort is to be expected. Pain medication should relieve the pain during the first few days, and you should be able to return to work after about three to seven days; however, in some cases this may be extended to three weeks. You should avoid lifting heavy weights for up to six weeks. There will be some swelling but, in arm lift surgery, bruising rarely occurs. Swelling should subside within about two weeks. Depending upon the extent of surgery required and your general health, exercise may resume after about two weeks.

Arm Lift Surgery Houston - Recovery and Results:

Timeless Plastic Surgery will provide explicit instructions after the arm lift procedure. Please follow these as carefully as possible to ensure the best possible results. Final results will be achieved within about six months when scars have healed and matured.

Arm Lift Revision:

In some cases where the procedure does not meet with the patient's satisfaction, or the patient has lost confidence in their plastic surgeon's ability to provide the necessary service, it may be advisable to seek the services of a new plastic surgeon who can have a fresh look at your problem and give his opinion.

Dr Chang specializes in revision surgery and based upon his experience can provide you with his recommendations, concerning any arm lift revision you may require. After examining the results obtained in your initial arm lift surgery and your expectations, he can help you decide whether or not an arm lift revision is advisable or not.

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Arm Lift Surgery Houston
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