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The Home of Timeless Art

Timeless Plastic Surgery has become the premier destination for beauty and body renewal. Led by our founder, Dr. Peter Chang, we have instituted concierge care for every single patient that comes to us.

Become beautiful. Become confident.

Become Timeless.

Dr. Peter Chang: From Impossible Odds to Incredible Heights

Dr. Peter Chang grew up in poverty in the third-world country of Burma (Myanmar) to overcome impossible odds and become one of those most successful and respected plastic surgeons in Houston.

Dr. Chang has stood by his personal motto: “Where you are today is not where you should be tomorrow.”

He has continued to evolve on a personal and professional level, pushing himself to the highest levels in education, medicine and business. Dr. Peter Chang is the only board certified plastic surgeon with TWO Ivy League degrees, TWO doctorates, and to have completed TWO surgical residencies in the U.S. For more than 20 years, he has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery, performing his first rhinoplasty in 1995. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgery – two of the most prestigious societies in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry.

  • University of Texas Medical Branch, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • University of Texas Medical Branch, General Surgery prerequisite
  • Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, Doctor of Medicine
  • University of Tennessee Medical Center, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine with Honors
  • University of Pennsylvania, Bachelors of Arts (accelerated program)

Not only has he instituted his motto into his personal life, but also in his business at Timeless Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land.

“Some have been doing the same things for the past thirty years. Timeless was established because I wanted to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ I am always working to make plastic surgery better. You don’t have to change, but you can always get better. Plastic surgery has to keep up with the times.”

Dr. Chang has not only been keeping up with the times, he has been a major factor in bettering the practice of cosmetic surgery.

Since establishing Timeless Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land, he has developed two innovative methods in plastic surgery: the Timeless Dimple, Timeless Lift and the Timeless Tuck. His clinic is also one of the very few in Houston with its own on-site surgery center.

“I enjoy making people beautiful. I love good results and I like to see them instantly so patients can continue on with their lives.”

Why Dr. Chang’s Work Surpasses the Others

Dr. Chang began his career in dentistry following seven years of dental education through the University of Pennsylvania. During his time as a dentist, he was forced to work within a 3D mindset as well as within much more confined areas.

After working in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Chang returned to university for complete training in medical school.

“I received a lot better training due to my dental experience. I have much more steady hands. In dental school, they teach us to hold a 300,000 RPM drill in our hands. Here (in plastic surgery), I’m holding a knife that’s not moving. I’m working in a larger surface area rather than a 1×1 centimeter cube (a tooth) and sometimes working blindly. My dental background helps me with plastic surgery because I can already see the results versus someone who hasn’t had the 3D training like I have.”

There are numerous plastic surgeons in the Houston area and abroad that have very little medical industry experience, and an alarming number who are not board certified in plastic surgery. As the premier plastic surgeon in Sugar Land, Dr. Chang boasts an impressive record of experience and success. His foresight on the human body and how it will react to cosmetic procedures is one of the reasons his patients trust him explicitly.

“I know the anatomy and physiology of the human body. My experience has allowed me to predict how a surgery will survive and change throughout the years. I think ahead and prevent problems before they happen. A lot of plastic surgeons know the technique, but they don’t know what will happen in the future. I add techniques that keep ‘expected’ problems from taking place.”

One of his designated objectives with every patient is to accomplish every aspect of the cosmetic procedure within the confines of one surgery. He doesn’t agree with surgeons performing multiple operations on a patient if the cosmetic procedure can be done with minimal invasive surgeries.

“The more you operate, the more scars and problems you have.”

Dr. Chang strives toward a trusting relationship not only with each patient, but also within the entire Houston community and its medical community. His honesty and integrity is second-to-none, and he understands that every patient that walks through the doors ultimately becomes connected to him through whichever procedure they choose.

“I have control over the entire process: sterility, accreditation, surgical scheduling. I control what procedures are done. I know who you are and your medical history. I’m very hands on. I oversee the care of the patient throughout the entire process. If they have an issue, I want to be the first to take care of them. I push myself and my staff toward perfection. My reputation is worth more than anything you can pay me.”

This devotion to his personal and professional reputation is the reason why he coined the idea of creating “concierge care” at Timeless Plastic Surgery, even going so far as to provide each patient with his cell phone number after surgery.

“I want to leave my legacy. I try to be as perfect as I can be – above and beyond the patient’s opinion. My signature is on each patient, and I am very meticulous and careful with my signature.”


The Art of Being Timeless

Since 2009, Timeless Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land has continued to create art, leaving a legacy of beauty and elegance throughout the city of Houston and the world.

It is our goal to create a lasting relationship with every patient, helping them venture through life more confidently and happier. Led by board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Timeless Plastic Surgery, Dr. Peter Chang, our highly trained staff assists every patient on a personal basis. We walk through the process of cosmetic procedures with each patient, ensuring that they will never feel alone or unimportant. Dr. Chang also meets with each patient personally before, during and after the procedure.

Timeless Plastic Surgery also houses its own AAAASF code standard accredited surgery center so patients do not have to worry about becoming acquainted with a new staff at a different hospital.

“It is the same place and the same faces from consultation to post-op,” says Dr. Chang. “You will always have a familiar face. Hospitals make mistakes. We don’t make those mistakes because we know who you are, your medical history, and are with you throughout the whole process.”

With the connected surgical center, patients also do not have to worry about being back-billed by a hospital if the surgery takes longer than scheduled. The price never changes from what was agreed.

“Most surgery clinics are about time and money. We are about patient care.” Dr. Chang coined the phrase “concierge care” for his Sugar Land plastic surgery clinic because it is the primary goal to ensure each patient is more than satisfied not only with their final results, but also with their overall experience.

Each staff member understands the process of plastic surgery. Dr. Chang does not even allow staff members to answer the phone if they do not have at least basic knowledge of plastic surgery. At Timeless Plastic Surgery, we are concerned about every one of your concerns, which is why it is imperative we can answer all your questions the moment you have them. “I push myself and my staff toward perfection. Every patient can come into the clinic and feel comfortable and at ease. They can trust that everything is planned well in advance so that nothing is overlooked.”

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